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How Karihome Strenthen's A Child's Immune System Naturally

As parents our biggest fears other than our child getting hurt is that they get sick.  As a mother myself, it is heartbreaking to see your child sick and suffering. 

We do so much to make sure they do not fall sick.  From cleaning the house with disinfectants and hand-sanitizers to pumping them up with vitamins everyday.  One of the best ways we can boost our kids immune system is to make sure what they consume is full of vitamins, mineral and nutrition that meets their daily needs.
Karihome goat milk formula works for picky eaters because it is packed full of nutrition for their daily needs.
What is it in Karihome that helps with the immune system?
1) Nucleotides Building blocks for DNA and RNAStudies show that nucleotide supplementation not only helps he body with physiological stress, it also helps with our immune system.
2) Zinc An essential mineralImportant for normal growth of a child and to boost their immunity
3) Selenium A trace element nutrientAntioxidant properties boost the i…
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Karihome News - VIP program

Karihome has always prioritized their loyal customers and just this year they set up their Karihome VIP program to show their appreciation.

How do you sign up for this loyalty program? Simple...

1) You must be a Karihome goat milk consumer

2) VIP status is renewed every 3 months (quarterly)

Jan - Mar
April - June
July - Sept
Oct - Dec

3) You must purchase at least 5 tins of any Karihome product from authorized retailers every quarter.  (You can contact Karihome via their facebook account for a list of authorized retailers.  A list of authorized retailers is posted on their facebook page as well)

4) Email picture or image of your receipt to

Or personal message via facebook Karihome Malaysia

Their customer service is awesome.  Just send your receipts to them even if it is just one tin and they will help you keep track of your purchases and auto renew your vip membership as soon as you hit 5 tins per quarter.

Once you are officially a member, you will have a VIP n…

The New Johnson's - A Reinvention of Formulation

Who doesn't know Johnson's.  Almost all of us grew up using Johnson's and it has been a household name for generations.  However, in this day and age where we parents are more educated, more well-read and more concerned with what we give our children, Johnson's decided to step up their game to listen to what parents wanted for their children.  Yes, they did!

They developed a range of baby care products with Ultra Gentle formulas that contain 0% parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes - designed to be irritation free for our babies and toddler's delicate skin.

Kaiju and I were very happy and blessed to be a part of this relaunching event by Johnson's in collaboration with one of Malaysia's leading retailers "Watsons".

On that day, Mr. Prashant Mahalingam, Country Director, Consumer at Johnson & Johnson Malaysia said that the New JOHNSON'S is more than just a reformulation, it represents a reinvention of the total JOHNSON's baby care ran…

Karihome - Not Just a Facelift

Karihome Malaysia has recently changed their look.  Their Step 3 for 12 months and up and their Step 4 for 3 years and up now has new packaging.  But they did not stop there..... they have also improved on their formulation.

My previous blog talked about that is different about their look.  This blog talks about what is different on the inside... their goat milk formula.

If you have read my blog on how important it is to read your labels, especially the fine print, you will realize that I love reading everything on the label especially the ingredients!

What did I find was different between the new improved formula versus the old formula? While it was mostly the same, there were a few differences (this pertains to Step 3 only - as I have not moved my kaiju to Step 4)

The new packaging did not list the % goat milk as the previous one didAdded antioxidants (for better immune system)Added potassium iodide (to prevent iodine deficiency which can affect our thyroid) Added sodium selenite (fo…

Karihome Malaysia has launched a new packaging for its goat milk formulation and it is better than before!

The marketing team of Karihome Malaysia has really been listening to their customers.  They have launched a brand new packaging for their Step 3 and Step 4 goat milk formulas.  Yes Sir!

Showing off the new look for her Step 3 formula

Step 4's new look

To be honest, they old packaging was a tad boring and busy.  But their new packaging......It is definitely more colorful and eye catching.  The font is easier to read.  The look is cleaner and clearer.  Kari the goat, their famous mascot is on their new packaging and is too cute for words!

Step 3 is for kids 12 months up (Good for both my 1 year old and 4 year old)

Not just are the looks different, their scoop is different too.  I really like the feel of the new scoop and the gold color really makes it so posh.
When I heard that they not only revamped their looks, but also tweaked their formulation I just could not stop at a simple blog to inform everyone that our Karihome looks different now.  I had to dig deeper to compare the new …

Nuby Nibbler, A Safer Way to Introduce Soft and Slippery Food to Your Baby - A Product Review

Baby is now starting solid food, and it is important for them to practice self-feeding.  This is crucial  to improve their motor function and their hand-eye coordination.

However, when it comes to fruits especially slippery type, it may frustrate our poor little ones which may negatively impact their progress in their self-feeding journey.  Not only that, there is always a danger of choking when the fruit accidentally slips down their throat before baby is ready.

Mama Bear here has been eyeing a Nuby Nibbler even before baby was born! I never knew stuff like this existed with my previous kids!  Now baby can taste a multitude of new foods safely!

In the past Mama Bear would mash or blend the fruits making it more time consuming for poor mommy. 😂😂😂 Now, it is so simple and baby can gum her way all by herself!!!

After trying out the Nuby Nibbler, I found that it is quite convenient and portable.  The cap keeps everything hygienic, dust free and clean.  You can bring it anywhere with y…

Nuby Keepeez Adjustable Bottle / Cup Strap - A Product Review

One of the biggest problems that every parent has is the issue of their kids dropping stuff.  You would think that it would end after 4 or 5 years old.  Trust me, it doesn't.  Not till they are in Primary 1 will it lessen or stop.

It is really frustrating to me when they drop their bottles especially because sometimes, a full water / milk bottle will break especially if glass and spoil or get dirty!  I hate having to pick up a bottle of milk from off the floor when we are out in the mall or the park!  I have to go wash it and if it is a bottle of milk, it is totally wasted!

My older girl loves to drink her bottle of goat milk in the car and will always ask for it.  It is totally fine with me but she tends to drop her bottle!  If it is her water bottle, it is fine as it comes with a strap but if it is her Nuby 360 sippy cup or her milk bottle it is a huge issue because the car mat is dirty and I am driving!  I go nuts when she cries for me to pick up her bottle while I am driving!!…