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Give Your Child A Great Headstart in 2017 event at Bucket B Cafe

Last weekend, my hubby and I were very lucky to be able to attend an event hosted by 100comments in collaboration with Baby Talk, Ma&Pa magazine, The Children's House and Dr. Sam's Bio Oral Care Fluoride-free Whitening toothpaste at Bucket B Cafe in The School, Jaya One.  It is not often hubby has time to attend events with the kids and I, so we were a happy family there that day!!

The day started of with a great motivational speech from a representative by IAHV (International Association for Human Values) who talked about "Inner Peace and Outer Dynamism" IPOD.  We started off with some simple exercise steps to kickstart our day and how to go "WAH!!!!!" no matter we are happy or sad or angry!  Their mission is to reduce stress and develop leaders so human values can flourish and make this world a better place for us all!!!!

Their international website is 

Getting our juices flowing!

Second speaker of the day is also a co-sponsor, "The Chldren's House" which has 9 branches in Malaysia.  It is proudly Malaysia's Longest Established Montessory Preschool of over 30 years and is proud to be a home for dedicated Montessori-trained teachers with an internationally recognised curriculum. Their first school was opened at Damansara Heights.  They accept chidren from 3 months old! tempted to send my little naughtiness.

They are found in three states, KL, Selangor and Penang.

You can check out their website at

The super dedicated Ms. Getrude Martin from The Children's House.

Our third speaker for the day is Ms Adeline from Dr. Sam's Bio Oral Care Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste.  Now her talk is quite interesting because it brings out a topic people usually do not even think about.  What happens when we consume too much fluoride!  According to Ms. Adeline, fluoride overdose can cause:

Acute poisoning
Birth Defects
Bone and Uterine Cancer
Perinatal Death
Immune System Suppression
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Essential enzyme inhibition
Lowered IQ especially in children 
Skeletal fluorosis (leading to brittle teeth and bones)

Oh dear....which got me thinking....I got to get more information on this!  Especially since I have young kids and fluoride (throughout school and college) has been ingrained into us as important to prevent cavities and for dental health.  So...... I did read up and you can read about it and make your own decision as to how you want to control your fluoride intake. 

The very professional Ms Adeline from T & T Bio Health Trading

After that it was food, wonderful food..... really good finger food.  My girl loved the fresh cream fruit tartlets and the banoffee tartlets.  The egg sandwiches were good too as well as the mini chocolate eclairs.  But the best according to my hubby was the "nasi lemak" which he wolfed down before I could get a picture of it.

 Yummy yummy!

Nom nom nom nom....

Bucket B cafe was really the best place to have this because they really cater to children.  Totally a place to go when you can't get a babysitter (like me) and need time to spend either in peace alone, or couple time with hubby or even a day of chit chatting with the gal pals.  They have a play area and even children books with a comfortable sofa just for the kids.  Loving this cafe!

Look how happy the kids are!!!  Look at them toys!!!!

Picture moment with the friendly and fun 100comments MC!

There was also two sessions of lucky draws and really God is so kind to us because we were one of the 8 lucky winners!

Me, super happy and the lovely Ms Nazrah from MamaPapa magazine

WooHoo!! Look at them bright smiles!!! 

Thank you 100comments for organizing this talk, all the freebies and having us all there!  

I really did not expect the generousity of 100comments and all the companies for giving us so much freebies!!!

Look at them goodies!!!!!

If you guys are interested in finding out about products before using them or even getting products to try first hand, 100comments is the place to go.  The reviews there are by users themselves and very informative.  Their facebook page also has loads of contests so you get a chance to review newly launched products in Malaysia! Or sometimes even current products...

Their weblink is

Thank you to all the co-organizers, The Children's House and Dr. Sam's Bio Oral Care Fluoride-free Whitening toothpaste and Bucket B for hosting!!!!! 


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